Welcome to MLS & DS 2013/2014

The key idea of transdisciplinarity is that robust orientations on improving phosphorus use requires knowledge input
from key stakeholders engaged in the supply-demand chain. These stakeholders are well placed to incorporate their
experiences and know the constraints faced in promoting or preventing more efficient phosphorus use. Knowledge
from practice experts should be complemented by top scientists who may provide technological, natural science and
social sciences expertise in order to assure that the proposed new orientations will be representative of state of the
art science. Thus, participants are challenged to think about to what aspect of Exploration, Mining, Processing, Use,
Recycling & Dissipation and the cross-cutting issues (i.e. Trade and Finance) they have faced and plan to contribute in a Mutual-Learning Session (MLS) or Dialogue Session (DS) based on their own experiences.

This web-page includes the Descriptions/Abstracts of the MLS & DS of the 1st Global TraPs World Conference, June 18-20, Beijing China and the Summaries of the sessions. For each of the sessions a Booklet has been written in the course of preparing to the MLS & DS. These Booklets (which are internal documents of the transdisciplinary discussion of the Global TraPs project may be available in some cases; please contact
Prof. Ulli Vilsmaier, Leuphana University, L√ľneburg:  vilsmaier@leuphana.de or
Prof. Roland W. Scholz, Fraunhofer IGB: roland.scholz@emeritus.ethz.ch